White Mountains’ False Flag Available Now!

Available where all e-books are sold! To purchase your copy, click here.

Ransom Doniphon is a Park Ranger working in New Hampshire’s White Mountains Na-tional Forest. While on a helicopter search-and-rescue mission he spies a makeshift shelter deep within the woods. When Ransom and his partner investigate there is a shootout leaving three men dead. What at first appears to be a mobile drug lab hidden in the woods turns out to be a homegrown terrorist cell with roots that run deep into state and federal government.


One thought on “White Mountains’ False Flag Available Now!

  1. Hello, I just finished White Mountains, will there be a book two? It looked like these tip for one in the last few pages, hopefully? I heard about you from Mark Goodwin’s podcast, I read all of his books. This was a good read, thank you for writing it, and God bless!!!

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